Jul 02, 2024
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Madison, WI USA – As part of an ongoing commitment to continuous product enhancement, Franklin Electric announced improvements to their flagship product, NexPhase™. NexPhase™ serves as the crucial link between utility power and chargers, delivering uptime features that chargers alone cannot provide.

Unlike any infrastructure of its kind, NexPhase™ features cutting-edge grid intelligence for utility power and EV charger remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and control. The NexPhase™ Smart EV Switchgear is a turnkey EV charging infrastructure solution. NexPhase™ integrates all necessary components required between the utility service and Level 3 DC fast chargers into an all-in-one panel solution.

Featured Enhancements:

  • Improved Power Quality Monitoring Features
  • EUSERC Compliant
  • Field Configurable Main Circuit Breaker (600 – 1600 AMPS)
  • Smaller Footprint

NexPhase™ is the result of our years of experience in providing infrastructure and monitoring solutions in the mobility space, combined with Franklin Electric’s expertise in utility and critical power monitoring,” said Mark Seitz, EV Systems Sr. Business Unit Manager. “NexPhase™ and the EV charging infrastructure market is a perfect synergy for what we do best at Franklin Electric.”

Turnkey Electrical Infrastructure

As a turnkey solution, NexPhase™ is purpose-built for EV, utility ready, EUSERC compliant, and charger agnostic.

Intelligent Monitoring and Control

At the core of NexPhase™ lies a commitment to charger reliability. NexPhase™ has innovative features designed to streamline operations, reduce maintenance costs, and mitigate downtime.

Connected EV Charging Infrastructure

The UNITE™ Web Interface provides user-friendly remote access to critical EV charger infrastructure and power monitoring information to increase charger uptime.


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We are a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of systems to support the management and monitoring of critical assets. As an expert in both vehicle refueling and utility asset monitoring, we are committed to supporting the emerging EV charging market. Our turnkey solutions enable rapid deployment with intelligent monitoring to maximize charger operational uptime.